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Henry County was considered a rural farming county prior to 1966. Located in an area of Georgia that loosely served as a backdrop for “Gone with the Wind,” the county was rich in history, despite the widespread destruction wrought by Gen. Sherman’s “March to the Sea” a century earlier. However, life in Henry County was about to change forever and a highway would be the catalyst. Construction of I-75 began in 1966, and the Henry County portion was completed in 1969. Because of the almost straight route to downtown Atlanta on the high-speed turnpike, motorists discovered that it was only a short commute to a community where a gracious Southern style of living still existed.

With its quaint little towns and its abundant green space, Henry County became appealing to families who wanted to raise their children in a quieter setting while keeping their jobs downtown. In 1970, after approximately 40 years of gradually declining population, Henry County reached 20,000 residents – the same number recorded in 1920. In the years since, the population has grown rapidly making the county one of the fastest growing in the nation. This is due in no small measure to I-75 and the ease with which visitors, prospective residents and investors can reach the area. With its temperate climate, abundant housing options, cultural amenities, recreational facilities, excellent schools and employment availabilities, Henry is an ideal choice for families of most any income level.

Henry County has all types of real estate - single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial (office, retail, special purpose), industrial (office-warehouse, distribution, etc.), multii-family dwellings(apartments, duplexes, triplexes, quads, etc.) Also land (inclusive of undeveloped land for residential or commercial/industrial use and developed commercial and industrial sites.)


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